All beginnings

Nico’s mother noded, but she already had this certainty, that it wouldn’t do any good, that her child would let nothing and nobody pursuade it.
She put a pot filled with water on the stove.

– I’ll make us some coffee, she said.
The midwife put a hand on her shoulder.
– You can’t dispair. It’ll be okay. You’ll see.

Elisa shaked her head in disbelief, as she watched the water in the pot, that slowly began to ripple.
– What, if not? she asked.
The midwife took her hand off of Elisa’s shoulder.

– Maybe you should go to the clinic after all.
– No, never, Elisa responded harshly. Nobody gets me in there. I rather…

– Alright, alright. It will work here too. It always works. After all it wouldn’t be the first time a child comes out legs first. The children know what they’re doing. Besides I‚m not surprised, if someone refuses to come into this world in a time like this. Nothing good awaits him. Not at all. It won’t be long until…
– Until what?
– Well. There will be war. All signs point to it.
– Are you sure?
The midwife noded. Elisa poured the hot water into two cups and stirred coffee in it.

– You’re right, nothing good is coming.
She touched her belly with both hands.

– Do you think, the child can sense that?
– They know more, than we think. They’re sensitive beings.

The two women sipped their coffee while reflecting.
– Don’t worry, the midwife said. If the time comes, I‚ll be here in an instant. We’ll manage, after all you’re not the first. I have to go now.

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